Stop settling, and attract a high-caliber man who loves you exactly  the way you are! 

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Learn How To:

Let go of SELF-DOUBT and silence that inner BITCH

Become a MAGNET for REAL MEN who want what YOU want

Love Yourself HARDER so you never settle AGAIN!

Are you being single and settling? 

Do you feel like there has to be an amazing man out there who is perfect for you, but you just can't find him?

Are you tired of attracting ALL THE WRONG MEN?


I've been there.

I felt exactly the same way. For years.

After years of attracting all the wrong men, I figured out what needed to change.



I figured out how to cultivate self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence…

and THAT’S when I attracted Mr. Right! (Mr. Stanley)


And he was in front of me the whole time!

But we didn’t come together until I had done the work on myself.

One day, he looked at me differently.

Because I was different.

I learned to love myself while I was single.

And, we just had our 5th anniversary!

And we weren’t that young either. He hates it when I tell people his age, but he should be proud because he looks so much younger than he is!

He was 58 and I was almost 40!

So, age doesn’t matter!

And neither do your circumstances…


And that’s why I created this video course.


In this course you will learn how to:

  • Create the energy that makes you a magnet for men who want a committed loving long term relationship with you and ONLY you, exactly the WAY YOU ARE.


  • Let go of self-doubt and silence that inner-bitch who tells you you’re not enough, you’re not worthy, or there are no good men out there.


  • LOVE YOURSELF HARDER than you love anyone else, so you feel whole and amazing WHILE YOU ARE SINGLE, so you NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS ever again.


So, if you want a high caliber man who:

  • Loves you exactly the way you ARE, and adores you, and cherishes you

  • Makes you feel heard and seen, and wants exactly what you want

  • Puts your needs above his own

  • Loves your kids like his own

  • Shows your kids what a loving marriage can be and should be


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